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Objective of the company

High professionalism, reliability, dynamic adaptability, satisfaction of a client and understanding to his wishes are main objectives of our company.

We use a language of engineers, architects and translate it into a language of our clients. We connect fantasy with technical and construction design of a building. We are open and able to fulfil your imaginations in the proffesional and human way.

Our priority interest is to develop energy-saving technologies, new ecological materials and we know how to apply for grants. All this is the base for long-term savings at clients and saving of environment.

We provide consultation in the field of trends and architecture. We always made a housing design to fit customer requirements. The limits of our work are the limits of the imagination of our clients. There does not exist anything impossible. We work with great assignment and do not make any compromises with quality of our work. We are always open for negotiations and do not either underestimate the smallest detail.

We will make a complete documentation to a customer with all related professions and settlement of the building permission. We offer to help with the selection of a supplier, designer and technical bulding supervisor.

We listen to your ideas, we will outline your fantasy,
we will safely get you through the byrocratic jungle of authorities.
It is just enough to trust us.

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