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Our activity covers all design work, engineering activity and author supervision of the whole period of construction from the first studies and selection of the place for building via implementation up to building approval.

Project activity:

  • New buildings and reconstructions
  • House building
  • Interiors of commercial properties
  • Restaurants
  • Housing architecture
  • Reconstruction of sanitary units
  • Building-architectonic studies
  • Projects for building permissions
  • Operative projects
  • Projects of building conversion before completion and documentation of real construction

Engineering activity:

  • Representation of a client during processing of building permission and final building approval
  • Assistance during a selection of a supplier

Helpouts during takeover of flats from developer companies

  • We know, what we should aim for, when flats and houses are taken over from  developer and building companies


The Green Savings programme

  • Processing of project documentation for obtaining of grants
  • Processing of energy review
  • Help during obtaining of grants
hvezdicka_zelena.gif, 2,3kB

Low-energy and passive houses

  • Standard new building - specific heat demand is about 80 to 150 kWh/m2 per year at normally designed catalogue houses.
  • Low-energy house - specific heat demand for heating is maximally 50 kWh/m2 per year.
  • Passive house - massive heat demand for heating is maximally 15 kWh/m2 per year.
  • It is evident from these values that it is possible to save a large part of financial resources in operation of the building by suitable composition, heat insulation, method of heating
  • It is possible to reach values of the low-energy house only by suitable heat insulation and using of good-quality fillings of holes
  • Everyone has the right for the government grants from the program of the Green Savings programme at the design of the passive house
  • You save our environment by building but especially by operation of passive houses

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